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    Special Camp Multisport

    Offer your children an unforgettable mountain adventure with Speciale Ski School's Camp Multisport. With a wide range of activities such as mountain biking, climbing, tennis, and trekking, participants will have the opportunity to experience multiple sports and make new unforgettable friendships!
    Qualified instructors will lead each activity, ensuring a safe and fun experience in a unique setting like Engadine.
    For information and bookings, contact marketing@specialegroup.com


    Climbing and Mountaineering

    Explore the majestic peaks of Engadine like a true mountaineer, living an unforgettable adventure of climbing and mountaineering. Thanks to Speciale Ski School's certified UIAGM Alpine Guides, you'll experience incredible thrills scaling glaciers and tackling breathtaking via ferratas. Book your experience now and get ready to conquer every challenge in the Swiss Alps!
    For information and bookings, contact marketing@specialegroup.com


    MTB Tour & Downhill

    Discover the Engadine with modern and high-performance Yamaha e-bikes, exploring breathtaking panoramas! Take advantage of personalized tours with experienced instructors, suitable for every skill level. For an even stronger thrill, try downhill lessons on the Corviglia trails. Book your adventure with us now and experience an unforgettable experience in the Swiss Alps!
    For information and bookings, please contact marketing@specialegroup.com


    Tennis lessons

    Enjoy tennis lessons suitable for all levels and abilities during your vacation. Choose between group or private lessons guided by Speciale's expert instructors. Book now and start improving your game on the tennis court!
    For information and bookings, contact marketing@specialegroup.com



    Discover the summer beauty of the Swiss Alps with Speciale's expert Alpine Guides on exciting excursions through lush green meadows and verdant forests. Venture into a world of breathtaking panoramas and crystal-clear lakes, exploring scenic trails and admiring the untouched nature. With steady steps and a free spirit, experience the mountain in all its splendor.
    For information and bookings, contact marketing@specialegroup.com