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    Dinner with 4-course Tasting Menu at Restaurant Chalet Speciale

    Discover the pleasure of fine cuisine in the heart of the mountains with our four-course tasting menu dinner at the Chalet Restaurant Speciale. Delight your palate with expertly prepared dishes as you immerse yourself in the cosy atmosphere of our typical mountain restaurant. Enjoy the full dining experience with water and coffee included, all in an enchanting garden. Book now to savour the authentic taste of the Alps in a homely and atmospheric setting.
    For information and bookings, contact marketing@specialegroup.com


    Tasting aperitif at the Bistrot Chalet Speciale

    Explore the art of the aperitif in our Bistrot Chalet Speciale, set in an enchanting garden. Enjoy the typical mountain atmosphere while savouring a glass of wine of your choice, accompanied by four delicious "to share" suggestions. Share convivial moments in a cosy and familiar environment, where every sip and every bite becomes a unique experience. Book your place now for a tasting aperitif combining authentic flavours and Alpine suggestions.
    For information and bookings contact marketing@specialegroup.com


    Grani antichi pizza tasting at Pizzeria Berina Hospiz

    Delight your palate at an altitude of 2,300 metres with a unique dinner: a tasting of tasty Italian artisanal pizzas prepared with Grani Antichi flour. Alpine atmosphere and authentic flavours come together in an unforgettable gastronomic experience.
    For information and bookings contact marketing@specialegroup.com


    Fondue dinner at 2300 m at Restaurant 2309 Bernina Hospiz

    Delight your palate with the magic of melted cheese and the warmth of Alpine hospitality. With the Fondue dinner package, immerse yourself in an enveloping culinary experience, where every bite is a celebration of taste. Prepare to discover the pleasure of sharing this delicacy with friends and family, creating unforgettable memories around the table.
    For information and bookings contact marketing@specialegroup.com


    Mountain gourmet dinner at 2300 metres

    Immerse yourself in an evening of luxury and flavour at Ristornate 2309 Bernina Hospiz at 2,300 metres. With the starry sky as your ceiling and the majestic peaks as your backdrop, enjoy a 4-course tasting menu that celebrates the mountains in every bite. An unforgettable culinary experience, where cuisine and nature come together in a perfect embrace. Book now to savour the taste of the peaks in a dinner that will remain etched in your heart.
    For information and bookings contact marketing@specialegroup.com